Věnujte svým blízkým ten nejkrásnější dárek – čas pro sebe.

Dárkové poukazy na online lekce jógy, pohybu a terapie. V různých hodnotách, s věnováním, i na poslední chvíli.

Yoga, movement, therapy. All in one place; anytime and anywhere.

We believe that happiness and health begin with self-care. We are creating a place where you can find various tools to please the soul, strengthen the body and relax the mind. For a better life and a nicer world.

Unique platform

Indulge your mental wellness with hundreds of online lessons and tailor-made programs with inspiring instructors and qualified therapists.

Lessons, lectures, festivals

Individual lessons with different topics, complete programs and complete courses, online and offline festivals.

Anytime and anywhere

At home or at work, morning or evening. All you need is a phone or computer and an internet connection.

The power of community

The possibility of sharing progress with others, support of the VIVIDO team when choosing courses, individual lessons with popular instructors.

Explore the lectures

Try other community members' favorite lessons.
“Nadechni se” - kurz pranayamy
Minikurz jógy pro zdravá záda

Why use Vivido?

We ask the community for its needs and listen to what it says.

Free sample lectures

Before you buy, get to know the instructor thanks to sample lessons.

Benefit programs

Get interesting discounts and bonuses from our partners.

Events and festivals

Enjoy a festival, group event or individual session.

Easy filtration

Filter by video length, difficulty, style or focus.

Meet our instructors

Discover inspiring instructors and view their offer.

Are you a yoga instructor?

Our community is growing. Just a few steps to be visible and start to sell your content. Don’t miss it!
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Make an offering
Do you have your topic? Great, offer it to customers.
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We are a group of yogis, webers and enthusiasts who want to make a difference

We have been in the world of yoga for some time, as well as in the development of web and mobile applications. We know how to build an applications you can rely on, so we decided to help the yoga community. In this way, instructors can focus on what they enjoy the most: yoga. They don't have to deal with the technology and bureaucracy around. And users-yogis can easily access interesting content.
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